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A group of runners training with a personal running coach near Fort Worth, TX

Personal Marathon Running Coach for Fort Worth, TX

A personal marathon running coach is a great investment. Whether you are trying to improve your marathon time to qualify for Boston or simply hoping to run your first Full. A personal running coach will help guide you through the many pitfalls associated with training for a marathon. The guidance of a coach allows you to optimize your training time and make sure you’re getting everything possible out of your training. Simply put, it makes sense to do everything you can to get the most out of training when you’re training for 6 - 12 hours a week.

With Stride Strong Coaching as your personal running coach, you know that your hard work is focused with your particular goals in mind. We do not write generic programs or copy and paste training plans. Each week we sit down and assess how the previous week went and what training will best suit the training goals for the current phase of training. We regularly communicate with you, the athlete, to provide context to the training data. Our goal is to make holistic training decisions based on your entire life, not just the 5 - 9 runs you did that week.

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