Stride Strong Coaching - Personal Running Coach + Online Running Coach

Running Coaching: How it Works



The personal running coaching is done through email, skype, and phone. Running programs are available as shared files on google drive or Training Peaks. Training is available to high school through masters athletes, whether you're recreational, wanting to win your age group, or you're an elite athlete. One-on-one personal training is also available to local athletes.

We are based in Fort Worth, Texas but train people as far away as Australia! Distance isn't a problem - especially if you're trained by us.

Weekly Programs

Each week you will receive a training program based on how you are responding to training. Based on your individual strengths and weaknesses and if you are training for Track or Marathon - or anywhere in between - we may focus on activation, flexibility, foam rolling, plyometrics, sprint drills,  or strength training, in addition to more traditional aerobic building, hills, threshold, and VO2 sessions. Our philosophy is to go after your weaknesses and make them strengths!

Programs also take into account things like travel, work, and school. Are you traveling through the weekend? No problem, your personal running coach will individually tailor your program so it works for you.

In-depth feedback and communication

As in all good relationships, communication is key. Stride Strong running coaching provides regular feedback on how training is going and any areas to work on. In addition, we utilize a weekly training survey which helps assess how you are doing.

Any athlete knows the commitment required to achieve a goal like running a Marathon. At Stride Strong Coaching we buy into that commitment and are here for you. We are here to help all ages and abilities achieve their running-based goals.

Smart data for smart training

All programs can be accessed using Google Drive or Training Peaks, depending on what you sign up for. Both options allow you to see what's coming up from any device. 

All our athletes are either on Strava or Training Peaks, which allows easy access to training data. By combining GPS, heart rate, and subjective self-evaluation data we are able to assess how you are responding to training and customize your program to suit your individual needs. If you're a data junkie,  Training Peaks may be the option for you, as it tracks additional metrics to Strava.


Weekly programs through Google Documents cost $180 (USD) per month.

Training Peaks costs $190 (USD) per month ( $200 to include a Premium membership) 

Both options provide programs designed to help you specifically achieve your goals, while working around your schedule.

One on one sessions are available for $60 (USD) per hour.

Payments may be made via. Zelle, Venmo, or cheque.

One-Off Training Plans

Contact us if you're interested in a one-off training program for any distance: 1,500 m, 5,000 m, 10,000m, Half, or Full Marathon. We can write programs for any age, mileage, or pace!

Programs cost a one-time payment of $180. They include a 30 minute preliminary interview to assess your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, in addition to a fully tailored program with detailed instructions.