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Stride Strong Coaching - Personal Running Coach + Online Running Coach

Stride Strong Coaching - Personal Running Coach + Online Running Coach

Stride Strong Coaching - Personal Running Coach + Online Running CoachStride Strong Coaching - Personal Running Coach + Online Running Coach

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The Quarter


Stride Strong Coaching’s Sort-of Weekly Newsletter, The Quarter.

The Quarter No. 62 - Learning

Life is full of lessons, which is really convenient, as life and growth are all about learning. To make the most of life’s lessons it is important to have a growth mindset.

A growth mindset is when an individual treats every event as an opportunity to learn and grow. Each experience presents an opportunity to learn and become better. This is a valuable trait in all people - but especially athletes, as there are a lot of lessons to learn! 

If we are lucky, we learn lessons the first time (ideally just by being told). However, some lessons need to be repeated before we learn. I know I have learnt more than a few training lessons through painful repetition of experience, rather than listening to my coaches. If you miss a lesson the first time, don’t worry; the important thing is that you are open to new ideas and looking to improve. 

Seek to learn and grow each day, whether it is in life or training. If you view obstacles as opportunities to improve and grow, life can suddenly become a vibrant place of growth, as opposed to the hostile beatdown it can sometimes feel like. A bad session or race is only a negative experience a) if you tell yourself it was, and b) you don’t learn from it. Remember, learn, grow, and get better!

March 8th, 2020

Pictured Left, Mark Hall on the way to a 10 km PR

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Stride Strong Coaching provides personal running coaching. Athletes receive individually tailored running programs, designed to help them achieve their running and life goals. 

We are here to train all age groups and abilities: high school to masters, recreational to elite.  

Our philosophy is to account for your life and training stresses, resulting in a program that works for you.

Don't just follow a program, get a program which follows you

A generic running program ignores life stresses beyond running. At Stride Strong Coaching we are your personal running coach, allowing us to tailor-make a training program for you. 

Training programs are written weekly and account for your life, whether you're traveling, working, or taking the kids to soccer. Our programs will work with you, for you - not the other way around.

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Everyone has goals, whether they're to lose weight, exercise more, improve your cardio, run a personal best, refine your running form, or qualify for the Boston Marathon. Stride Strong Coaching provides expert in person and online running coaching for all ages and abilities, from 800 m to the Marathon. Our programs are written for you by a personal running coach so you can realize your goals.