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The Quarter


Stride Strong Coaching’s Sort-of Weekly Newsletter, The Quarter.

The Quarter No. 58 - Beginning

It is a new year. A time when many people resolve to start exercising with various goals in mind. It is also a time when many people quickly fall off their plans and do not begin again. While many factors are involved, a significant issue is managing one’s expectations. I would contend that the first couple of months should largely be aimed at enjoying training and fostering consistency.

Performance will always follow good habits and consistent training. However, chasing performance from day one can often lead you to lose perspective and be too hard on yourself. If you are happy and treat each workout as an opportunity to grow instead, you will do well! It is not a big deal if once a week you miss a session or do not fully follow the plan. What matters is enjoying what you are doing and feeling good about yourself. 

For example, yesterday I was planning 8 with my Wife, including a solo 3 mile tempo. Two miles in it unexpectedly started snowing! Instead of hitting a hard session, we just ran easy together and enjoyed the rare event that is Texas snow! I still ran 8 miles and did work, just not exactly the work I had planned. Most importantly though, I had a lot of fun and will remember the run for a long time!

Celebrate each day you do work towards your goals. But, just as importantly, give yourself some grace on the days you miss a workout, and *please* do not beat yourself up over it. Reset, then look to the next day as another opportunity to have fun, while improving and growing. With a little patience, you will see success if you enjoy what you are doing.

January 12th, 2020

Pictured Left: The Wife and I enjoying the snow on our run yesterday.

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