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Stride Strong Coaching - Personal Running Coach + Online Running Coach

Stride Strong Coaching - Personal Running Coach + Online Running Coach

Stride Strong Coaching - Personal Running Coach + Online Running CoachStride Strong Coaching - Personal Running Coach + Online Running Coach

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The Quarter


Stride Strong Coaching’s Sort-of Weekly Newsletter, The Quarter.

The Quarter No. 61 - Don’t Play Catch Up

It is rare that a motivated athlete will blow off a session and miss it for no reason. Invariably they miss due to feeling ill, off, or a work or family matter. In other words, they miss sessions if they have other stress in their lives which makes it unrealistic to add in further stress on that particular day. However, motivated athletes commonly will try to make up the session they missed the next day. In general, this is a bad idea.

A well balanced program has a specific cycle of stress followed by recovery and adaptation. Making up a missed session will usually remove a recovery/adaptation day from this cycle, in effect increasing total stress while reducing recovery. This makes little sense, as the very reason they missed the session in the first place was because they were overloaded with stress!

The trap people tend to fall into is under accounting for life stress. Your mind and body does not differentiate training stress from work or family stress. Therefore, when we think about training, we need to think about total stress, not just training stress. Remember this the next time you miss a session. Give yourself some grace and take the extra time to destress and get back to normal before going hard again.

February 16th, 2020

Pictured Left: Sausage, my cat, definitely knows how to recover

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Stride Strong Coaching provides personal running coaching. Athletes receive individually tailored running programs, designed to help them achieve their running and life goals. 

We are here to train all age groups and abilities: high school to masters, recreational to elite.  

Our philosophy is to account for your life and training stresses, resulting in a program that works for you.

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A generic running program ignores life stresses beyond running. At Stride Strong Coaching we are your personal running coach, allowing us to tailor-make a training program for you. 

Training programs are written weekly and account for your life, whether you're traveling, working, or taking the kids to soccer. Our programs will work with you, for you - not the other way around.

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Everyone has goals, whether they're to lose weight, exercise more, improve your cardio, run a personal best, refine your running form, or qualify for the Boston Marathon. Stride Strong Coaching provides expert in person and online running coaching for all ages and abilities, from 800 m to the Marathon. Our programs are written for you by a personal running coach so you can realize your goals.