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Stride Strong Coaching’s Sort-of Weekly Newsletter, The Quarter.

The Quarter No. 64 - Problems

In coaching there is no such thing as an intractable problem. At times one might lack knowledge or imagination but there is invariably a solution to all problems. I was reminded of this when I was walking with my wife last weekend. I was looking in a creek and saw the concrete embankment was perfect for steep hill bounds, hence the photo and this Quarter. 

The trouble with being stuck with a problem is that it can feel like being stuck in the bottom of a hole. Don’t be afraid to take a minute, step back, and think it through. Often there is a simple solution. Google and others in the sport are always good resources to find solutions to issues. Other sports are also a good source of new knowledge and ideas. I am currently learning more about lifting and it is surprising how much crosses over to running beyond “stronger is better”.

Do not be afraid to look off the beaten path for an answer!

May 10th, 2020

Pictured Left: Bounds in a creek!

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